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How it all started

We grew out of Travelpayouts, the world’s largest Travel Partnership Platform, in which travel services share profits with travelers for bookings made.

At WayAway, we share our profits with travelers in the form of cashback – not bonus points, but cold, hard cash.

WayAway and Travelpayouts are brands of Go Travel Un Limited, an international travel company operating in 35 countries.

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For travelers, by travelers

We’re based in eight countries. We’re all different. But we’re all passionate about traveling.

Janis Dzenis
Janis Dzenis
Once went to Orlando to speak at a conference and used his only free day to make his way around the entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Ross MacEwan
Ross MacEwan
In every country Ross has been to, there's at least one turtle or lizard that knows him personally. Nothing special, Ross just likes finding foreign reptiles.
Leah Fodevchuk
Leah Fodevchuk
She smiles so much that she was once even allowed to enter the Vatican Museum for free. Now there's a life hack!
Ita Babayan
Ita Babayan
She said "yes" and got married on a trip to Salt Lake City, all in one day and without any preparation. Talk about spontaneity!
Ismail Ismailzade
Ismail Ismailzade
When he's visiting a new country, the first thing on Ismail's to-do list is to try the local food. Just to make sure there's no cuisine in the world as delicious as in his homeland, Azerbaijan.

Here’s a little more about us, in case you’re curious

Each and every important company meeting starts with a pet‑related show‑and-tell
It’s rumored that once no pets showed up, and the meeting got canceled as a result
We work with local experts in 143 cities across the globe. If we were to try and visit each and every one of them, it would take almost 5 months
We are one with nature! Our servers run on renewable energy
That’s what our PR Director asked to mention