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Do the prices in the app and on the website differ?

It’s a myth that if you search from different devices, the ticket prices will be different. Or that tickets are cheaper for Android users. Or that WayAway intentionally increases ticket prices when you search for them several times.
None of this is true. First of all, WayAway doesn’t sell flight tickets. It’s a service which finds the best flight options, but you pay for them through agencies and airlines, so we don’t affect pricing in any way.
We only show you prices passed on to us by the sellers. If the seller is the same, the price will be the same in our app and on our website.
There’s one technical detail that can sometimes cause the price to differ – if a ticket is offered by one seller on our website and totally different sellers in our app.
When you try to buy a ticket, they make a booking request, and the system can say there are no more tickets at that price (especially if the tickets are cheap, as they get sold out quickly), or that the price has increased. This doesn’t happen very often, but it does occasionally happen.
Some sellers can be unavailable in our app or the mobile version of our service, as they haven’t yet adapted their websites for mobile devices, or they put buttons in unpredictable places and don’t think about loading speeds. This can sometimes turn the booking process into torture.
You can find tickets from these sellers by using the web version, but you won’t find them in the app. If the prices are higher from the sellers appearing in the app, that’s what the difference comes down to.
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