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How do I add baggage for just one passenger?

The parameters for each booking must be the same for all passengers, meaning that all the tickets will either include baggage or none of them will.
If baggage is needed for only one passenger, make two separate bookings – one without baggage and the other with. Be aware that you can only do this if both passengers are adults (12 years and older). Alternatively, you can buy tickets with just carry‑on baggage and add checked baggage for one passenger after purchase.
How to add baggage after purchase:
‑ Contact the ticket seller and ask to add baggage. You can find their name on the ticket. Usually adding baggage in advance is cheaper than at the airport

Select the seller’s name from the list. We’ll give you the seller’s contact information.

How to contact the ticket seller
Enter the name of the airline or agency to view their contact details
If your seller isn’t in the list, send us their name in the feedback form at the bottom of the page and we’ll help you out.
  1. You can go to the airline’s website and edit the booking in your personal account.
  2. You can pay for extra baggage at the airport, but for a small fortune.
Why can’t WayAway add baggage for me?
WayAway doesn’t sell flight tickets. It’s a service which finds the best flight options, but you pay for them through agencies and airlines. More specifically, this is how our service works: 1. You open the WayAway app, select your destination and travel dates, and press ‘Search flights’. 2. You select the ticket you like best and press ‘Buy’. 3. At this point you’re redirected to the passenger details form page and you buy your ticket from the seller.
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