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I’m on my layover and I don’t want to keep flying. Is that possible?

Most airlines around the world cancel all following segments of your ticket if you don’t turn up for one of them. This rule is called NO SHOW.

Weigh up the risks if you’ve already bought a return flight. If you leave midway and don’t carry on your journey, your return tickets will be canceled. Before purchase, study the airline’s rules, including the exchange, refund and NO SHOW conditions.
If you buy a one‑way ticket, you can get out midway and your next flight segments will be canceled, but you weren’t planning on flying them anyway, were you?
There is a phenomenon called Hidden city ticketing – a way to reduce the cost of a flight by leaving at the layover point on the way to the destination.
If, on the contrary, you want to skip the first segment of the flight and board the plane at an intermediate point, be aware that you won’t be able to do this, as if you do not show up for the first segment, all following ones will be canceled.
When the ticket fare provides for an exchange/refund in case of NO SHOW, contact the ticket seller and they will help you with this.

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How to contact the ticket seller
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