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If my plane is delayed and I miss my connection flight, what should I do?

To know what to do in case of one of your flights being delayed, first you need to determine who you bought the ticket through. There are three options:
  1. You bought a single ticket through one airline/alliance, with a guaranteed connection.
  2. You bought a ticket with separate segments, but through one agency, and they guarantee the connection.
  3. You bought several separate tickets through separate sellers.
In the first case, the connection is guaranteed. In case of a force majeure situation, you’ll be put on another flight. If you bought your ticket directly through the airline, you’ll have to find the airline’s stand at the airport and tell the representatives that your first flight was delayed, meaning you couldn’t catch your connecting one. If you bought your ticket through an agency, you’ll have to contact them for help.
The minimum connecting time is calculated by airports and airlines together. Everything is taken into account: transport links between terminals, airline agreements, how long it takes to reload baggage from one plane to another.
In the second case if you miss your first flight or another force majeure situation arises, you’ll need to contact the agency. They’ll change your tickets to another flight and sort everything out for you.
In the third case, all the risks lie entirely with the passenger. In this case, no one guarantees that you will have time to transfer from one plane to another, because the tickets were purchased separately and are not connected in any way. You will have to calculate everything yourself and accountfor the possible delay of the first flight, so as not to miss the second. This option is the riskiest.

Select the seller’s name from the list. We’ll give you the seller’s contact information.

How to contact the ticket seller
Enter the name of the airline or agency to view their contact details
If your seller isn’t in the list, send us their name in the feedback form at the bottom of the page and we’ll help you out.
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