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How do I check the size and maximum weight allowance for baggage?

Baggage allowances vary from airline to airline. When you search for tickets, we show you how many kilograms are included in your ticket if the seller has provided us with the information.
For example, this ticket includes 23kg of baggage by default.

Why is ‘1 piece’ shown instead of the weight allowance?

The seller hasn’t provided us with this information. You can find out the exact size and weight allowances included in the ticket when booking.
If the seller provided us with the exact weight allowance, we’ll show how many kilograms are included.
In the app we show the baggage weight allowance on the ticket card if we have the information.
If the seller didn’t tell us the weight and size allowances, we just indicate that baggage is included, but you can find out the exact size and weight allowances when booking.
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